Madari Hills Collection Ξυνιστέρι



The wine’s clean, distinctive, varietal character is the result of many factors which have excellently combined for the production of Madari Hills Collection Xynisteri. The variety is cultivated in the steep, unwelcoming slopes of the Madari mountain, which is a real challenge.

Having chosen the most resilient, robust vines of the variety, we take maximum advantage of the special mesoclimate to secure the harvest of an excellent, high wine-making value fruit. The main quality factors are the age of the plants, the altitude of the vineyards, the low production per plant, the climate and geological attributes, particularly slow maturing and multiformity. We aim to create a white wine, distinguished for its character, nerve, and complexity.



Location:  Madari mountain, north and south slopes (Mouskou, Grammata, Yerolatzia, Aloupofournos, Aniforon sites)


Average Altitude: 1450 m


Average Vine Age: 60 years


Training: Goblet


Yield: 1000-1200 Kg/acre


Clean and intense pear, citrus, and jasmine aromas, followed by a taste of green apple and melon. Tickling acidity, minerality, and a long finish.

A complex character, the result of partial maturing in oak barrels. Seduction of the senses!

Serving Recomendations

A great pairing for green salads, cheese platters with Roquefort style cheeses, poultry and seafood plates. Excellent pairing to local cold cuts and cheeses.

Best served at 8-10 ºC

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