Madari Hills Collection Μυθωδία



You will find the vineyards used to make Mythodia on steep slopes on the Madari mountain. The Mavro, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre varieties benefit from the special climate and the rarity of the soil composition. The circumstances are ideal for the production of unprecedented fruit quality. We take advantage of these particularities, and apply the appropriate cultivation practices during the year, aiming to get the best quality result and wine with a special character.



Location:  Madari mountain, south slopes (Mouskou, Yerambelas, Kovakos, Potamia sites)


Average Altitude: 1400 m


Average Plant Age: Vary depending on variety from 9 to 80 years. 


Training: Goblet and Vertical Shoot Positioning 


Production: 1200 Kg/acre


Light pink color, intense strawberry, and cherry caramel aromas, in harmony with the tropical character of the wine, full-body, framed with refreshing acidity.


Serving Recommendations

Pairs with meat platters, pasta with red sauces, spicy pizzas, Asian cuisine, and white meats.

Best served at 8-10 ºC

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